dog portrait - digitally drawn

Hand Drawn

custom dog portraits

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Our hand drawn pet portraits offer a modern, polished look. They are hand drawn by our digital artists and produced on museum quality Etching paper on a 1″ standout display.

Our one of a kind, hand painted pet portraits are rich in texture and quality. Each portrait is custom painted by one of our professional artists to reflect your pet’s personality.

dog portrait - hand drawn
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Hand Drawn

dog portrait - digital artist

These portraits are hand drawn by our professional team of digital artists with a stylus and tablet or directly on to the monitor using sophisticated fine art software. Every detail is drawn with meticulous attention to accurately capture your pet. Our digital artists use the same process and techniques they would use with a canvas and paint brush. They just don’t have to wait for it to dry! 

tablet drawn

for accuracy and precision

digital artists

draw each portrait by hand

Museum Quality Etching Paper

dog portrait - museum

To bring your digitally drawn portrait to life, we produce it on museum quality German Etching paper. It has a textured surface similar to that of a fine art watercolor paper. The resulting image has rich, vibrant colors and a beautiful matte finish...

rich texture

a perfect combination of texture and durability


on a 1" display mount

Ready to Hang

dog portrait - mounted

Your portrait will be ready to hang out of the box when it arrives.


on a 1″ standout display with black edging

bracket included

so you can hang it up right away

Three Styles

dog portrait - colors

We offer paintings in three styles representing different levels of colorfulness. Our unique whimsical style enables our artists to bring out the personality of each pet and add an artistic flair to each portrait.


natural tones, the most realistic


some color, subtly blended


vibrant & whimsical, bold streaks of color

Any Pet Type

dog portrait - pet types

We recognize that some of us may have a special bond and affinity with other animals that we call our pets. Whether it is a bunny rabbit, piglet, turtle or hamster, if they are beloved and special to you, we will create a masterpiece with much love and passion. Just contact us and let us know the details.

dog portrait - horse portrait

State of the Art Production

dog portrait - production

Artists and art lovers alike know that the materials that go into to a painting are reflected in the finished product. For this reason we use the highest grade materials throughout the process of making your painting.

archival ink

color and contrast that won't fade

commercial quality production

iYour portrait will be ready to hang out of the box when it arrives.

Custom From Your Photo

dog portrait - photo

A great photo leads to a great portrait. Our photo consultation will help you pick or take a photo that captures the details and spirit of your pet that will best translate on the canvas.

photo consultation

we will gladly help you select the right photo

special requests

no problem... we are here for you!

Production Time

dog portrait - delivery

While we agree you can’t rush art, practice makes perfect! It takes just 2 weeks from the moment you submit and approve your photo to the time your portrait arrives at your door ready to hang.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take pride in our portraits and we want you to be able to say the same. We guarantee that you will love your portrait and we offer a 100% money back guarantee if that’s not the case.