• Please upload one detailed, clear and close-up photo that shows your pet’s personality.
  • Photos must be in focus. High resolution photographs are preferred (at least 300 dpi). The better the photo, the better the Portrait!
  • Please keep in mind that the portrait will be a reflection of the photo you provide: we do not create or modify poses. We can remove collars, scarves, sweaters or other objects on your pet but this must be stated clearly in the photo submission details. 
  • Capturing the detail in your fur-baby’s eyes and nose is crucial; your photograph must show the eyes clearly with accurate color.
  • Please make sure that the photograph represents the accurate color of your pet’s fur. (We love Instagram as much as you, but filters are not your friend here!)
  • Images with bright colors and good light will result in the best portraits.
  • It is best to take photos outside in natural light; however, be careful not to take photos with the sun behind you, as it will cause shadows.
  • If you cannot take your pet’s photo outside, the next best option is an area with lots of available light so you do not have to use a flash.